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Elevate Your Body's Energy Management System Through Light And Circadian Rhythm Optimization!

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Are you someone who's unsatisfied with crappy sleep and waking up groggy and puffy? Or having hormonal or digestive woes? Not to mention the frequent blue mood for no good reason?! All this may leave you overwhelmed even when things really aren't THAT stressful--UGH!

Don't settle for feeling like crap!

Don't settle for anything less than feeling amazing. Why? Because your body is a self-healing organism that is always trying to adapt and adjust to what it experiences. The symptoms you have are your body’s way of getting your attention and saying, “Hey! We need to do something different!”.


Discover the Secret to Overcoming Anxiety and Depression Using Your Body's Natural Rhythms...

Understand and optimize your circadian rhythm, aligning your routines with your environment. Enhance your mitochondrial health to discover newfound vitality and resilience. Embrace a life filled with positivity, serenity, and lasting happiness as you tap into your body's remarkable potential.

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You've tried SO many things to feel consistently calm and happy, but...

  • You still struggle with fatigue, brain fog and bouts of low mood.

  • Your body is often tense, and you may even get heart palpitations and moments of dread about how to manage everything going on in your life.

  • Your can feel weighed down by heavy emotions and a lack of zest for life, even though there's goodness all around you!

  • All the healing diets, supplements, exercise programs, bio-identical hormones, psychotherapy (and maybe even medications) have NOT gotten the meaningful results you long for.

  • You’re super frustrated because you deeply value your health, have invested time, money and effort, yet you feel you're missing something important and can't find the solution.

How it all started...


After many years of living with sub-optimal health, I feel your struggle! Even as a psychotherapist for over 20 years and a nutrition enthusiast since the early 90's, I couldn't find the answers needed to fix my mental and physical challenges. I felt like I was living a hollow version of myself, and felt deprived of the rich life I longed for. I had wicked chronic fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, awful peri-menopausal symptoms, just to name a few of the maladies I experienced. All this further affected my mental state, leaving me anxious and depressed (and if I'm honest, very angry!),

Finally, after 13 years of relentless searching, I discovered a proven system that revitalized my entire being. This approach targets the root cause of what depletes our life force and affects our mood. By working WITH our biology as a holistic quantum system, remarkable changes unfolded: improved sleep, soaring energy levels, and an uplifted mood. Now, I approach life with positivity, confidence, and a deeper understanding of the profound importance of energy in our well-being.

I want everyone to have this same healing elixir! I took all the knowledge and experience I gained and created the Enlightened Mood Course, so I can guide you through exactly how I did it.


The Enlightened Mood Course Gets to the Root of the Problem: Your Body's Energy Management System

You’re here because you’re ready to be DONE with the exhausting impact of anxiety and depression. You're done not having the energy to enjoy your life, to feel at ease your body, and to totally thrive in your career and relationships.

Feel energized all day

You can feel so energetic that you begin spontaneously dancing, because you just FEEL so darn good that you gotta move.

Feel resilient and joyful

You can deeply engage in what your heart desires such as building your business, traveling, or nourishing pastimes.

Feel Confident

You will develop trust in your body, so much that you develop a deep level of appreciation and respect for the wonder that it is.

YES, I am ready for joy & calm energy for ONLY $97!!

Here's why I know this works!


Here are the secrets I learned that you WON'T discover at the doctor's or therapist's office: Your body's energy management system is not working properly due to your lifestyle, and it's not just about food and exercise.

The key lies in optimizing your circadian rhythm, which is your body's internal clock based on the 24-day/night cycle.

When your circadian rhythm is poor, it negatively impacts your mitochondrial function, responsible for energy production and controlling various processes in your body. This disruption leads to inflammation and metabolic dysfunction, which are the underlying causes of anxiety, depression, and many health disorders.

By improving your circadian rhythm and enhancing mitochondrial function, you can effectively alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Let's Get Started!

Finally resolve anxiety and low mood!👇

The Enlightened Mood Course

This is a science-based, 100% natural and time-tested approach to feeling calm, joyful and energized.

Now, you may be thinking, uh-oh, I have to make these crazy difficult changes to my lifestyle and live like a caveman; I’m not ready for that!

Not to worry! The practices I will teach you in this foundational course, Enlightened Mood, are simple lifestyle adjustments that everyone can do that don’t require a lot of time or struggle.

And, I only teach you exactly what you need to know in a concise, easily absorbable manner, so that you can readily implement these strategies and start to feel better quickly.

Improve My Mood & Sleep For Only $97!

Here's What You'll Learn Inside the Course:

Circadian Rhythm: The Key to Health

  • Understanding the concept of circadian rhythm.
  • Exploring the role of circadian rhythm in maintaining health.
  • Effects of disruptions to circadian rhythm on various aspects of health.

The Root Causes of Anxiety & Mood Challenges

  • Identifying the underlying causes of anxiety and mood challenges.
  • Exploring the psychological and physiological factors.
  • Understanding the interplay between rhythm and anxiety.

The Impact of Light on Your Mood Challenges

  • Examining the influence of light on mood regulation.
  • How different types of light affect circadian rhythm and mood.
  • Effects of natural and artificial light on mental health.

Mitigating Artificial Lighting During the Day

  • Minimising the negative effects of artificial lighting.
  • Techniques for reducing exposure to harmful artificial light.
  • Creating an optimal lighting environment for improved mood.

Sculpting Your Mood: Evening Light & Sleep

  • Utilizing evening light to promote relaxation and better sleep.
  • Establishing a bedtime routine that supports circadian rhythm & sleep.
  • Managing exposure to stimulating light sources before bed.

Quantum Mindset Principles for Overcoming Anxiety

  • Introducing the concept of a quantum mindset for mental well-being.
  • Applying quantum mindset principles to overcome anxiety and depression.
  • Techniques for shifting thought patterns and fostering a positive mindset.
I'm READY for more ease and joy!


I've Got a Special Bonus for You

FREE 30-Minute Quantum Health Coaching Session with me (worth $250)

During our 30-minute 1:1 consultation, in addition to addressing your questions and any challenges you may be facing in implementing the practices taught in the course, I would like to offer you some bonus tips and techniques to further enhance your quantum practices. These additional strategies will help you deepen your understanding and experience of the principles taught in the course.

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Don't just take my word for it!

- Lindsay G.

"You have made such a big impact on my life!! I go outside every morning now to get my morning sun, and it’s a total game changer! I’m so glad I worked with you!"

Kristin L.

"I thought I was a 'know-it-all', but I didn't know about circadian rhythm! Heather helped me to connect the dots about what I was missing in my health practices."

Ross C.

"Heather, I’ve felt a lot better and more energetic since I’ve started putting what we talked about into practice"

- Ginny S.

"Everything you've taught me has been a game-changer! My intense anxiety has really calmed down, and the mood swings are GONE. And I'm sleeping so much better, too!!"


Listen to what these ladies share about how Enlightened Mood helped them.


The Enlightened Mood Course Bundle !!

💥 Circadian Rhythm: The Key to Health Bundle (worth $197)

💥 The Root Causes of  Mood Challenges Bundle (worth $197)

💥 The Impact of Light on Your Mood Bundle (worth $197)

💥 The Impact of Light on Your Mood Bundle (worth $197)

💥 Sculpting Your Mood: Morning Light Bundle (worth $197)

💥 Mitigating Artificial Lighting during the day Bundle (worth $197)

💥 Sculpting Your Mood: Light & Sleep Bundle (worth $197)

💥 Mitigating Tech: Blue Light & nnEMF's Bundle (worth $197)

💥 Quantum Mindset for Overcoming Anxiety (worth $197)

💥 Bonus 30 Minute 1:1 Consultation Session (worth $997)


Total Value: $1997

Regular Price: $997

Your Investment: $297 

(or 3 payments of $99)

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The Enlightened Mood Course Contents

Short, digestible video courses teaching you the topics of:

💥 Circadian Rhythm: The Key to Health ($179 value)

💥 The Root Causes of Mood Challenges ($179 value)

💥 The Impact of Light on Your Mood ($179 value)

💥 Sculpting Your Mood: Morning Light ($179 value)

💥 Mitigating Artificial Lighting ($179 value)

💥 Sculpting Your Mood: Evening Light & Sleep ($179 value)

💥 Mitigating Tech: Blue Light & nnEMF's ($179 value)

💥 Quantum Mindset for Overcoming Anxiety ($179 value)

💥 Bonus FREE 30-minute Consultation with Heather ($179 value!)

💥 Handy resource guide & surprise bonus ($149 value!)

Total Value: $1997

Regular Price: $997

Your Investment: ONLY $97

(or 3 payments of $33)

(One year of therapy = 3 sessions/month @ $150 each = $5400!!)

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A little about me:

I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) with a Masters of Science in Counseling (MS) and am a Certified Circadian Clinician (CC) as well as a Classical Homeopath. My journey began with a desire to find happiness and well-being. Early trauma left me very anxious and angry, and I'd cope with sugar/food, and an at times obsessive search for relief and better health. Despite trying many diets, tons of supplements, I made scant progress. Years of stress and sub-optimal circadian lifestyle eventually resulted in debilitating chronic fatigue and some scary depression.

Seeking help from excellent therapists provided some relief, but I was still dealing with too many challenges. Discovering an "optimal circadian health" program transformed my life. Implementing quantum biology changes improved my mood, sleep, energy, and zest for life. I now aim to bring these practices to the entire world to help individuals overcome anxiety, depression, fatigue,  and modern illnesses. Everyone deserves to feel good! It is an honor here to guide others to optimal health.

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