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Homeopathy for emotional, mental and physical well-being

Classical homeopathy is the ultimate quantum medicine--as powerful as the sun and a strong circadian rhythm--that helps to heal the vital force of your body.

I use classical homeopathy that was developed by Samuel Hahnemann in the 1700 and 1800's. Homeopathy was the original medicine before allopathic conventional medicine turned to pharmaceutical drugs made from petroleum and toxic substances in the early 1900's.

Homeopathic remedies contain the energetic resonance of plant, mineral and other natural substances that are highly diluted in the resulting remedy. The more diluted the, the more potent the remedy as it concentrates the resonance of that substance. This is the quantum power of homeopathy.

How homeopathy works

Homeopathy helps treat not only acute and chronic physical symptoms, but also effectively treats mental and emotional symptoms such as panic, depression and anixety.

Homeopathy works via the principle of the "law of similars", meaning that the remedy would induce your symptoms if taken in undiluted form. But when you take the diluted remedy, the energetic impact acts strongly to elicit your body's own healing "vital force" (aka immune and energy management systems) to begin healing itself--without toxic side effects!

What to expect

When we look at your health picture homeopathically, we address your symptoms holistically. In the assessment, we find the remedy that best matches the totality of your symptoms, personality and preferences. Homeopathy can gently help resolve long-standing mental/emotional blocks and traumas that have been stored in your body.

The initial homeopathic consultation lasts up to 90 minutes. Before the session, I will send you a health questionnaire for you to complete to beforehand to help guide me in the questions I ask you and economize our time. The fee for the consult is $240.

Follow-up sessions are 30 minutes long are cost $80. The need for follow-up sessions will be determined by how the remedy has acted. I will check-in with you by email to see how you're doing, and you're welcome to email me if you have any concerns.

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