Hello, I'm Heather Crimson!



Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Masters of Science in Counseling

Certified Circadian Coach


And, in this space I am a quantum healer and self-care way shower.

It all started because I just wanted to “be happy” my whole life and to feel good (which included safe). I was the typical incessantly curious kid who wanted to just play and learn, but then life happened. A lot of trauma left me frozen/scared which I then coped with for many years with anger, sugar, and trying harder and harder to be healthy. Everything felt so darn hard and like I was getting nowhere!

For many years, I thought that diet would be the answer to feeling better, and I went all in on some weird ones for years (Macrobiotics, anyone?) But, no matter what diet, supplements, or other things I did, I would not notice any remarkable difference. Various health issues like leaky gut plagued me which added to the bad moods.


The years of anger, fear, and moodiness took a toll on me in so many ways! Relationship, work, social life…I went to many therapists over the years, and since I AM ONE and have been practicing for 20 years, I can say they all did the best they could. And the human contact and validation was helpful. I also sought out master therapists who were incredibly skilled, and those sessions definitely helped unlock some the trauma/freeze state of my nervous system.

I never stopped searching because as I got older even though my anger calmed substantially, I still had those pesky health problems and could still dip into low moods that felt disempowering and would undermine my personal growth. I came across a program for chronic fatigue which although better, I had struggled with for over ten years. I didn’t hesitate to invest in myself and dig into this “optimal circadian health” program.

WOW! Best investment of my life!

I had no idea how much the lifestyle I was living with the missing piece to my mood, not to mention my physical health! When I implemented these quantum biology changes, I immediately began to notice a difference in my mood, sleep, energy, and zest and joy for life, which then helped me to SHOW UP as my authentic self that was buried under all the layers of gunk that had piled up on me over the years. And when I was show up as my best self, everything became easier: marriage; daily tasks; career; socializing—it was truly amazing!

My passion now is to bring these powerful practices to the world to help everyone feel their best and begin to reverse out epidemic of anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress, overwhelm, insomnia and other disempowering states.

Everyone deserves to feel good! I’d love to walk alongside you and show you how. 🔆

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