Are You Blocking Love?

The one thing you want the most is to feel deeply loved and cherished, right?

So, the question I have for you is how are you blocking the love you so desperately want to feel from your partner?

Hear me out, before you get mad at me.  😉

Do you really know what your blind spots are and how these blind spots are blocking you from feeling loved, from seeing your partner reach to you trying to connect, or even outright rejecting the love that could be had?

If you don’t know what your blind spots are, you really are spinning your wheels and focusing on the wrong things…like seeing your partner as the sole source of the problem (totally understandable—I spent a LOT of time in that place).

Or, maybe a part of you deep down feels unlovable?

If you don’t know if you have a blind spot blocking love, then you can’t fix it!

We ALL have blind spots! The key is to find it, be willing to own it, and then to work on healing it! Your blind spots are those tender, vulnerable parts of you that were hurt in the past and now try to “protect” you from hurt.

Except…as an adult, these defenses now work against you getting the love you want.

You know what I mean: when you get really triggered because your partner touched a tender “raw spot”. You become incredibly hurt, outraged even, and then have a multitude of responses to defend yourself against further hurt.

But, the truth is you just end up feeling more misunderstood, more lonely, and definitely more angry, sad and resentful.

Why stay stuck in this miserable place?!

You need to shine a light on those spots, love them up, and transform them into strengths so you can fully open to love.

In this video I share about facing one of my blind spots. Some of us will be working on them for our whole lives, and that is ok. The key is that we're working on them and not denying them!

You can do this, too!

If you’d like help in transforming your blind spots so that you can fully open to and receive abundant love from your partner, book a free Breakthrough to Love call with me right now.

With love,


P.S.: If you're ready to take charge of getting the love you want, to put in the work it takes to create an amazing relationship, then this is for YOU! If you're OK with the status quo and choose to tolerate a lackluster or contentious marriage, then this is NOT for you. Spaces are limited, so apply asap! Book your call to start getting the loving marriage you want NOW.


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