Quantum Embodiment

We think of our bodies as these separate entities. Yes, there’s a boundary of skin, and yet what is not visible is that all of us is comprised of energy, of a frequency.

In my last post, I talked about what it means to be embodied. I shared this from a stance of your relationship to your body as a unique, boundaried entity.

Let’s expand on that, because you are that and more. Your body is part of and exists within an energy field. Even what we perceive as air, aka empty space around us, has been found to be aether or plasma, another form of energy.

I am still learning about all of the science-y stuff with the most amazing teachers such as @Heatharshepard and @Carriebwellness’ tutelage. I always thought that saying everything is connected was this cheesy sentiment, until folks like Heathar and Carrie helped me to see the science of HOW everything is actually connected.

And guess what, it really helps me to feel connected to the divine within me and everyone and everything.

What are the practices that foster this connection for me? I call them quantum embodiment practices: 


Watching the sunrise/sunset

Eating seasonally

Honoring circadian cycles

I used to just go for a walk outside. I was still appreciating nature and in awe of the beauty, but NOW knowing that I’m taking in light code from the sun and absorbing negative electrons from the earth and synchronizing with the flow of the seasons takes being alive to a whole other level!

The “material” body within which your spirit lives is enlivened by the electromagnetic frequency all around you. It is this energy that gives us life. 

Now going for a walk barefoot soaking up the sun and generating my own energy is a magical experience. Eating season fruit grown with light code is telling my body what season it is. And going to bed early is honoring my body’s rhythmic needs of being in tune with circadian cycles.


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