Can You See Yourself?

What does it take to really feel good? To get the life you really want. You have to actually see yourself. I talk about how natural light is an essential self-care nutrient for optimizing your mood and physical functioning. But, when it really comes down to experiencing the life you want, you have to build a relationship with yourself by truly seeing yourself in order to build trust, love and accountability.


Because life everyone else, you probably have some pesky beliefs that are barriers to you doing whatever it is you need to do to get to a better you. These beliefs live in the shadow parts of you: sequestered bits of self that run the show in spite of your best intentions to do better, try harder. You’ve got to get out a big ole flashlight of courage and shine a light on your insides in order to see what is really going on in there.


I can tell you do this and do that, but if you don’t really believe you deserve to feel amazing every day, then you will sabotage yourself. Your motivation will fade. Your excuses and “yeah, buts” and so forth will bring the shadow back into power. We all have these parts of use because, life, but I don’t want these disempowering beliefs running the show. Plus, all these stories you tell yourself are just that, stories. And, you can create a new story informed by your higher self that is full of light!

These internal narratives associated with your self-beliefs sound like:

➡️ I don’t have time.

➡️ I’m too tired.

➡️ I don’t deserve x.

➡️ What difference will it make?

➡️ Just this once I’ll (do something you know is not good for you).

➡️_________ will be upset if I take the time for myself. 

You get the picture here, right!? If you’re marinating in this self-talk all day, you’re not going to get much traction in getting from your blah, tired, irritable, anxious and depressed self to your “Hell yeah—I’m up early to watch the sunrise!” Self! 


The truth is seeing yourself is about witnessing and owning: your desire to feel and do what you really want; getting intimate with the ways you block yourself from doing that; and having the courage to take consistent action in practicing being who you want to be every day. It’s really a beautiful process! You get to be more connected not only with your Self, but also with nature and the important peeps in your life bonus!


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