Does Your Partner Do These Vexxing Behaviors?

Let’s talk about the miserable "spin cycle of disconnection":

You pour your heart out and your partner just sits there silently. Probably not even looking at you.

You’re trying to get through, and trying…and trying...

You tell him what he’s doing that is hurting you.

You tell him what you want him to do instead.

You feel like you’re saying it in the nicest and calmest way possible. And it’s a very simple message! 

And he just doesn’t say anything, so you repeat yourself. And say it several different ways.

Maybe he agrees with you, gives you a light apology and for a moment, you feel a tiny bit of hope. But then things quickly go back to just the way they were before.

And then you realize he was just placating you!

Or, maybe he gets angry and snaps at you, saying nothing he says or does is ever good enough for you. That you find fault with everything he does. That he is walking on eggshells all the time around you, and that is why he keeps to himself. And, he says you don’t appreciate him at all.

Or maybe he just avoids you most of the time...

So, you try to get through yet again...

And around and around you go, over and over...

Can you relate to any of this?!


This is one of the most common negative dances I hear from women describing what happens when they get disconnected with their partner. 

Slowly, over some time usually, you get embroiled in this negative feedback loop where the same fight happens over and over and you never get resolution!

If this is happening to you,


You have a powerful opportunity:

You can learn to see this pattern for what it is: a naturally protective response to feeling hurt! A defense to feeling unsafe. An understandable reaction to feeling like you don’t matter! A symptom of not feeling good enough.

You can learn to interrupt this pattern and address the underlying tender feelings that aren’t given voice. 

You have the power create a totally new, meaningful conversation with the depth, attunement, and the emotional richness you need. 

When you understand what is really happening for your partner, it changes your whole perception of him and why he does the things he does when you fight that make you end up feeling so unsettled.

You then can trust in love, have more compassion, and really truly relax in your body and mind.

Having more compassion for yourself, too, is essential! You just want to feel deeply loved! 

You create a positive pattern and have the awareness and skills to keep it that way.  

Love is no longer a mystery. We have the knowledge available to us about how we’re wired to connect and how to make relationships work. 

If you’re ready to put this knowledge to use to transform your relationship by mastering a connection mindset and skill set and banish the negative pattern FOREVER, I’d like to speak to you. Book a free 60-minute Breakthrough to Connection call with me.




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