Quantum Self-care & Your Mood

What is quantum self-care?! Quantum self-care is an approach that utilizes practices based on our quantum biological nature. We are electromagnetic beings! Everything about our functioning, from our brain, our heart, our nervous system, all runs on energy (which is why electrocardiograms [EKG] are used for measuring the heart’s electrical signals and the electroencephalogram [EEG] measures the electrical activity of the brain). Quantum biology explores the processes that occur that cannot be explained by quantum mechanics alone.

Some examples of quantum biological processes are olfaction, photosynthesis, magnetoreception (e.g.: birds using the earth’s magnetic energy to navigate during migration), vision, and mitochondrial function. Our body functions optimally when there is adequate energy available to complete its functions. When there is not enough energy, health challenges begin. 


You’ve probably heard about the mitochondria, the millions of organelle inside all the cells in our body that create energy in the form of ATP. The mitochondria actually do many other important things as well, like create a special type of water called “structured water” that our body needs to hydrate us from the inside. This special water is also an energy conductor.

So, what does all this have to do with self-care and your mood?! Quantum self-care is about optimizing your overall health including your mood. We usually think of either physical OR mental health when the truth is you CANNOT separate the two. Good mental health = good physical health. So, quantum self-care nourishes you at the energetic level of your being which results in high energy. When we have high energy, we have vitality. This vitality makes us more resilient, joyful, creative, resourceful, and physically strong. When we have little energy, our body systems begin to falter and our mental state also begins to suffer. When our energy stops, we die. This is not “woo”: it really IS all about the energy. 


I teach women who want to overcome anxiety, depression, lack of energy, or whatever is preventing them from feeling their best how to incorporate simple but very powerful quantum self-care practices to support their bodies in getting all the nourishment they need from our environment. Where do we get it from? We actually get most of our energy from the sun and the earth, and the last source is from food! Yes, you read that correctly. Our bodies prefer sunlight/natural light and being grounded on the earth to get energy which literally charges us like a battery. Food comes in after these two methods. 

In a nutshell, we need natural light of all spectrum year-round, rain or shine to function optimally and prevent depression, anxiety, and all health issues. The light exposure also sets our circadian clocks so that our body systems synchronize and know what processes to complete when. Without this light code, our body can end up in a state of circadian mismatch affecting sleep, digestion, cognition and more!

When you know how to deeply nourish your body with the right self-care practices, your body will become more energized, you will be more resilient, and your mood and vitality will improve!


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